1. newyorker:

    Across Silicon Valley, tech workers tend to be disproportionately male. Vauhini Vara examines the trend.

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  2. diy lip balm, diy haircut, diy essay on summer research asap before classes start

  3. dramatic monday

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  5. me meeting a bumble bee

    1. me: I respect you
    2. bumble bee: Merci
  6. weirdvintage:

    Former NFL player Rosey Grier liked needlepoint.  He wrote a book about it in 1973. (via Dangerous Minds)

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  11. i don’t know why this speaks to me but it does

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  12. found/collage/poem/idk

  13. I went to Eastern Europe with a bunch of retired professors and drank Many Coffees.

  14. friends!!!!! tourists!!!!! comrades!!!!!!